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Art by a dear Dreaming Heart Student
"What are you drawing?" (2023)

A beautiful mixed media likeness of Ms. Rose admiring a student's drawing.  Don't you just love the pink beret, whimsical earrings, and expressive eyes... very accurate!

Dear parents, community, world...
Each of us is born with beautiful, amazing, astounding, one-of-a-kind, creative potential... and we NEED opportunities to set that potential free so that we can be truly HAPPY & grounded, and be our  AWESOME authentic selves!
That's my goal!   To encourage and inspire young artists to ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS express and embrace who they are and to provide creative opportunities for them to do just that!

I teach in a gentle, encouraging, and enthusiastic way with the aim of boosting creative self-confidence so that  kiddos can revel in the feel-good, empowering, soul-soothing benefits that creating art inherently provides.


Ms. Rose

346278139_635065948056829_3648227398793777238_n (1).jpg

The Dreaming Heart is a creative safe space...

Creating with wild abandon takes courage!  At the Dreaming Heart we are all about supporting self-expression and creative risk-taking!

Sometimes this means an art piece doesn't turn out exactly as planned.  And we think that's a wonderful thing!

Trying new things and embracing uncertainty
 helps grow a young person's ability to problem-solve, encourages them to be open-minded, builds confidence and intuition... AND allows them to become flexible, adaptable, and imaginative thinkers!

Not to mention, seeing beauty in the imperfect (including within ourselves) allows us to enjoy a happier, more peaceful, and inspired life!


SO...let's say "yes please" to art

in all its glorious forms!


YES to (seemingly) undecipherable mud-coloured masterpieces created by an adventuring, curious child.


YES to detailed, precise drawings crafted by an observant, thoughtful mind.


YES to expressive and abstract art originating from an emotional soul who is bravely sharing a piece of themselves with the world.



Learn more about Ms. Rose's teaching approach HERE

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