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Hi, there.  My name is Rose Poirier.  I'm a self-taught artist who loves to bring magic to life through my art.  I use colour, pattern, and symbolism to express how I envision the world to look through a cosmic lense... where the earthly and ethereal meet, and love and light reign supreme.

I paint intuitively and expressively, without much concern for realism nor perfectionism, and instead focus on conveying emotion and a child-like wonder for the beauty and mystery that is life.


It is always my hope that my art evokes feelings of happiness and peace in others.

I also create commissioned artwork and can include meaningful elements in your custom art piece; such as spirit animals, favourite flora, times and places, and likenesses (i.e., of a loved one or a fur baby).

If you would like to purchase one of the following art pieces, or discuss a commissioned work, please email me at

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