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If you prefer to pay via e-transfer, please contact Rose at



NEW STUDENTS- Once you have completed registration, please submit your child’s(ren’s) Participant Enrolment Form before they attend the studio, so I can have important contact/medical information on hand (link will be provided in your confirmation email).

RETURNING STUDENTS- I have recently updated my registration process for a more streamlined, user-friendly experience and I have a small favour to ask!

Part of this update includes the use of new software for storing Participant Enrolment Forms that will allow you to save your child's(ren's) form and update it when needed (it's also SO much easier for me to access and manage on my end!).

As such, could you please RESUBMIT your child's(ren's) Participant Enrolment Form in this new format so I can transition from the old system to the new. Happy FYI, you can save info for up to 4 children on one form. Thank you so much for doing this! It is much appreciated.


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