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Hi Everyone! 



Or Ms. Rose, as my dear-hearted students like to call me!  My Momma said I was born with a pencil in my hand, and while this seems an unlikely possibility, I have loved art for as long as I can remember!


I also love working with children, so it was only natural to pair the two together!  I am always so incredibly enlightened and uplifted by young, creative thinkers and how they interpret the world.  Children have such amazing emotional insight, can so freely think outside the creative box, and possess an uninhibited and joyful artistic outlook that is truly inspiring!  ​


But this spontaneous attitude isn’t always immediate.  Even little people can be programmed to recite a litany of self-criticism (“I can’t do this,” This is hard,” “I am not a good artist”).  It isn’t until children are given the opportunity and support to create freely that they are able to reconnect with their inner creative spirit (we all have one!) and get caught up in the sheer joy of creating. 


As an art teacher, the best feeling in the world is witnessing when this transition takes place—when a child lets go of the fear of making mistakes, of being different, of not being good enough… and embraces and expresses their innate artistic ability.  They start experimenting, making choices, taking risks, and creating art from the heart.


That’s my goal as an art teacher- to provide children with meaningful and empowering creative opportunities so they can gain the confidence to fully embrace and express their wonderfully unique selves.

I also want to instill in children a love of the visual arts!  To broaden their imaginations and ability by exposing them to a variety of artists, art styles, techniques, art tools, and mediums.


As such, I consider myself neither a process-focused nor a product-focused art teacher; but a happy little mix of freestyle meets technical.  Each class leaves ample room for children to experiment, explore, problem-solve, make independent decisions, collaborate, and pursue their creative vision.  That’s the process part.  Each class also incorporates some form of technical instruction… be it teaching drawing or painting techniques, how to (kindly) critique an artist’s work, or how to use an art tool or medium.  That’s the technical part.  Both methods provide learning opportunities, inspire confidence; promote creative thinking; and develop important cognitive, social-emotional, and fine motor skills.


Finally, it is my immense hope that my art classes provide a peaceful and joyful escape from the busy, frenetic world... a welcoming, get-lost-in-the-moment, be-oneself, happy space.  A space where children can just BE and have FUN.  Because above all, creating should be fun! 

I can't wait to welcome your child to The Dreaming Heart Art Studio and to encourage and support them on their creative journey!  Please do not hesitate to ask me questions, offer up programming suggestions, or provide feedback!


Yours truly and creatively,​

Ms. Rose

Me and my beautiful, original works of art...


Jacob, Mom, and Isaac (many moons ago)


My cuties and I in peg-doll form:

(Left to right): Back row: Jacob, Isaac, Ms. Rose, Ryan, Mam-Ma; front row: Ruby, Ellie, Charlotte.

Ellie, Ryan, and Ruby from days gone by.. making pretty homemade wrapping paper for a birthday gift.


(Left to right): Present-day Jacob, Rose, Ryan, Mam-Ma, and Isaac 


Young Isaac and Mam-Ma colouring

"Art touches the soul… art is communication… it reaches out from the canvas and passes through the eyes of the viewer right into his heart where it can leave an imprint of beauty that can make the spirit sing."

Nina Baldwin, artist


Mini Ellie painting a canvas

Ruby artfully styling Jacob's hair, once upon a time.

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