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Located at the beautiful and peaceful Kemptville Campus in Kemptville, ON, the Dreaming Heart is a joyful and expressive art studio for kids!

Owner and art instructor, Rose, offers a variety of visual art classes designed to encourage self-expression, confidence, creativity, big ideas, and a whole lotta self-love!

Check out our creative offerings!

Studio sneak peek...


Introducing our two Studio mascots, Chairo (left) and Cosmo (right).

Short for "Chiaroscuro" (an art term meaning light-dark), this stoic Samurai warrior brings both peaceful calm and protective strength to the space.  And he has really cool kicks.


As his name implies, Cosmo is ancient and wise.  You'll never find him in the same spot as he likes to (slowly) wander around the Studio, exploring new perspectives. (He's not grumpy... he's a deep thinker).

Take a closer look at our cozy and creative Studio, HERE.


Hand-Painted by Ms. Rose, the Studio door is filled with meaningful symbolism intended to bring light, magic, and creativity to the space and all who enter (can you find Cosmo?!)!

You can never have too much art!  We love to fill our Studio walls with colourful and expressive drawings and paintings.


Ms. Rose is a gentle, encouraging, and fun-loving art instructor whose goal is to offer creative opportunities that inspire children to feel confident and empowered. 


Read more about the Dreaming Heart Philosopy HERE and Ms. Rose's bio HERE.

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