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Welcome to our Happy Space!

Dreaming Heart  Motto:

is amazing, wonderfully unique, one-of-a-kind... a masterpiece!

deserves (and needs) to create freely and intuitively... without judgment, criticism, or correction

is an ARTIST!
(we all are!)


Rose puts tons of heart and soul into creating art classes that inspire and encourage young people to feel confident and comfortable expressing themselves... and part of that is creating an art space that is uplifting and welcoming!

Upon entering the Dreaming Heart, you'll be greeted by a neat and tidy space filled with colour, light, and whimsy.

Plants, art, books, and little magical decor pieces invite creative curiousity and a feeling of joyful calm.

If your child is new to the Studio and is feeling a little shy or nervous, you are more than welcome to arrange to view the space with your child, 5-10 minutes before your child's art class!

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