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Each session is based on one of the following 9 art themes:

VALUES & SELF- Explore feelings, ideas, beliefs, and relationships

IN-THE-STYLE-OF- Learn about famous art styles & artists

FANTASY- Dig into your imagination and learn how to create fantastical creatures and worlds

NATURE- Pay homage to mother earth as we study plants, flowers, animals weathers, and seasons  

EVENTS & EXPERIENCES- Celebrate history and holidays

CIVILIZATIONS- Explore different cultures and ancient civilizations

SURROUNDINGS- Study the amazing world around you as we create landscapes, cityscapes, seascapes, outer space

INDUSTRIAL- Embrace the modern world of Pop Culture, Design, Architecture, and Fashion

CONCEPTUAL- Get abstract and create expressive projects 



Session #?- My Big Life in Miniature

Tuesdays, ?


Wednesdays, ?

We'll work on our observational, sketching, and drawing skills as we learn about the basics of great storybook design.   


We'll also create the cutest, the most special and whimsical, MINIATURE accordian picturebooks detailing our own amazing autobiographical histories!  How fun is that!

FINAL PIECE: Miniature Accordian Picturebook



Session #?- Deep Blue Sea

Tuesdays, ?


Wednesdays, ?

Join us for a (bio) luminescent study of the deep, dark, mysterious sea!  We'll learn how to draw a variety of strange and wonderful ocean textures like transparent jelly fish, bumpy coral, irredescent fish scales, and ripply waves.


Activities will focus on texture, pattern, and colour, and students will finish up by painting a glowing deep sea creature on canvas.

FINAL PIECE: Deep Sea Creature w/ glow paint



Session #?- Fierce Fashion

Tuesdays, ?


Wednesdays, ?


Leopard print, polka dots, plaid and self-expression... Ooh-La-La!  This is a super creative session for all fashionistas- both girls and boys. 


We'll study the human form via a live figure exercise; explore pattern, colour and shape as we design our own unique ensembles; and have a blast drawing stylish accessories and outlandish hairstyles.  

Our final piece will be a Fashion Mood Board featuring our designs, complete with sketches, fabric swatches, colour schemes, and finished drawings.  

FINAL PIECE: Fashion Mood Board




Session #?- Abstract Masterpieces

Tuesdays, ?


Wednesdays, ?


"Abstract Masterpieces," is a recurring 8-week session featuring super creative, inspiring, and conceptual weekly activities that culminate in an expressive wall-worthy abstract art piece.

This particular session will focus on the study of symmetry, pattern, and texture found in nature and how these art principles and elements can be represented in a conceptual way.


Abstract art is an amazing way to get you thinking outside the crayon box and really channeling your inner artist! 

FINAL PIECE: Mandala Art

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