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Drawing FUNdamentals
12-week session
(Ages 8-12 yrs and 13-15 yrs)  




Being able to draw isn't magic.  It's a skill that everyone can learn!  It takes perseverance, practice, and an understanding of the basic concepts and techniques. We're here to teach kids & teens those important basics in a supportive, encouraging, and fun environment! 


Learn about linework, how to break a drawing into simple parts, texture, 3D shape, shading, perspective basics, and more! We'll also experiment with a wide range of drawing materials, techniques, and creativity-sparking activities as we draw from a variety of sources and subject matter.

We offer this 12-week session on a recurring basis (same content) and recommend students complete this program before registering for any of our other drawing classes, as it provides a strong foundation in drawing techniques, concepts, and vocabulary.

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KIDS 8-12 yrs:


4:30-5:45 p.m. 


TEENS 13-15 yrs:


6:00-7:15 p.m.

Cost: $384/12-week session


Pre-registration is required  

No drop-ins, please

Please bring a 9" x 12" mixed-media sketchbook

(can be purchased at the studio).

Please dress in art-friendly clothes.

We are a FOOD-FREE studio.

Water in a sealed bottle only.


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An important note about our drawing classes...

Drawing classes at The Dreaming Heart are about way more than just drawing!  Our Drawing Fundamentals Program, Themed Drawings Sessions, and Still Life classes are also designed to provide young students with a relaxing break from the busy, noisy, chaotic world.  Some zen time to unwind, unplug and be present.

Not to mention, drawing is complex stuff!  A calm and focused environment is essential for learning to draw.  When we are silent, our minds think more clearly, our eyes notice more details, and our hands are able to create more freely and accurately.

Students will be encouraged to interact and draw in a quiet manner that is respectful to the drawing process and one another.  This may feel difficult at first... after all, it's tough to switch from a bustling busy world to dreamy focused drawing mode!  But with practice and a shared effort, it will become an experience that students will really come to value, look forward to, and benefit from… both emotionally and creatively!

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