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(all ages, 6+ yrs.)



Celebrate at the Dreaming Heart!


Whether it's a birthday or just-for-fun... our Art Parties are such a fun way to spend time with people you care about!

Parties include a 1.5 hour art activity and all required art materials. 

Just show up, and get ready to create!



BASE FEE- $225 + HST

(includes 1.5 hours of creative time and up to 6 participants)


*We can have a maximum of 9 participants for in-studio art parties.

Choose from one of the following art activities...

Birthday Party Add-On


Additional $156 + HST


*If you choose this add-on option, the additional fee will be added to the Base Fee  Deposit and will also be due in full upon reservation.

*Available for in-Studio Art Parties only!.


We LOVE creating art...

and making birthday celebrations super special! 



Let them eat cake!

Enjoy an extra hour, above and beyond the allotted art project time, for refreshments (NUT-FREE and provided by you) and gift opening. 


We will provide a table (complete with a tablecloth and some fun decor) where you can place food, drinks, and gifts.  You are welcome to arrive 30 minutes before the party start time to set-up your table. 


There is also room under the table to tuck a cooler, etc.!


Psst... Don't forget to bring plates, cups, cutlery, etc.!

*Happy FYI- If you're looking for easy-peasy, super delicious food to serve your guests, we highly recommend pizza from Sam's Pizzeria and treats from Treats N EatsPlus, they deliver to campus.  Woot woot!


Party Decor!

Ms. Rose will beautify the studio with colourful, festive party decor! 

~Banners, balloons, streamers, and colourful tablecloths~

Not to mention a blinged-out chair-of-honour in the Birthday child's fave colour!

*New decor themes/options are being added all the time.  Please see the pics below and let Ms. Rose know if there is a style you like best!


Dress-Up Photo Booth!

Once we've finished creating our art piece, kiddos will have access to our super fun photo booth.


Featuring a festive backdrop and a filled-to-the-brim dress-up shelf, party peeps will get to channel their inner diva as they dress up using a variety of celebrity-worthy accessories (hats, scarves, gloves, masks, sunglasses, and more!).

Get your cameras out 'rents so your creative crew can strike a pose!



No need to worry about loot bags!


In addition to their take-home art, each participant will get to choose a small gift from the Dreaming Heart Treasure Chest!

Psst... Looking for a little extra something?

Add our DIY Custom Name Bracelet Kits to your order.  Each kit includes an assortment of beads, jewelry string, a charm, and the child's name in beaded letters.  Everything they need to make their own memorable piece of party bling!

DIY Custom Bracelet Kits- $6.99 + HST each 

(Bracelet cost is in addition to the Birthday Add-On fee and is due upon reservation).

Art Parties gone by...


  • For in-studio art parties, the hosting adult is welcome to remain in the Studio for the duration of the art activity to provide group supervision.  We ask that no more than two non-participating adults remain.  There is no additional cost for non-participating adults.  Alternatively, you are welcome to drop-off and pick-up the children; however, we require the parent of each participant fill out our Participant Enrolment Form prior to the party date so that we have important contact and medical information on hand.  If you select the drop-off/pick-up option, you will be sent a link to our Participant Enrolment Form via email, which we kindly ask that you forward to all parents.

  • For out-of-studio art parties, the hosting adult must be present for the duration of the entire Service in order to provide group supervision.

  • We can instruct a maximum of 9 participants for in-studio art parties, and 30 participants for out-of-studio art parties.

  • Participants are asked to wear art-friendly clothes. Aprons are not provided.


  • You are welcome to arrive 30 minutes before the art activity to set-up your refreshment/gift table.

  • Please bring NUT-FREE snacks only.

  • Please don't forget to bring plates, cups, cutlery, napkins, etc.

  • Please DO NOT BRING CANDLES, as we cannot have an open flame in the building.

  • At the end of the art activity, I will quickly clean off the art table and set out drawing paper and dry media for guests to use (I kindly ask that all other art materials in the space remain off-limits). I will then hang-out in my office which is adjacent to the art room, so you and your guests can enjoy your time together! Holler if you need me! The hosting adult MUST remain in the Studio for the duration of this additional hour in order to provide group supervision.  The Studio is not responsible for children during this add-on hour.  

  • If additional guests will be joining in for the final hour after the art activity (for photo booth pics, refreshments, etc.), please note, we can have a maximum of 15 people in the space during this time (not including Studio staff).

*Out-of-Studio Art Parties are not available during Fall & Winter, in-studio only. 

You are welcome to book ahead for Spring & Summer mobile parties (April- August 2024).

*Please read our Art Party Terms & Conditions for important information regarding adult supervision, our cancellation/rescheduling policy, and more.

In-Studio Art Parties

Out-of-Studio Art Parties



Ready to book your party?


1) Fill out the Art Party Information Form below.

2) Once we have confirmed your date, you will be sent a time-sensitive reservation link.  Please pay the base fee deposit within 36 hours to secure your date (if choosing the Birthday Add-On option and/or DIY Custom Name Bracelet Kits, these additional fees will be added to the Base Fee Deposit and will also be due in full upon reservation). Once your link expires, the offered date will became available to the public once more.

3) Still have questions?  Please email us @ or call the Studio at 613.277.7730

Art Party Information Form

Art Party Information Form

Please enter your contact information:

What is your preferred party date and time?

*Please note- Out-of-Studio Art Parties are not available during Fall & Winter.  You are welcome to book ahead for Spring & Summer mobile parties (April-August 2024).

Not sure exactly when you want your party to begin? Please select a time of day below and Rose will get back to you with some available times.

Art Party Location:

Where will your art party take place?

If you selected "Out-of-Studio location," please provide the full address below:

If you selected "Out-of-Studio location," please indicate if this a residential or commercial address.

Party Details:

Which art activity would you like?
What is the purpose of your Art Party?
Would you like to include the Birthday Party Add-On for an additional $156 + HST? (*This option is only available for in-Studio parties).
Would you like to include DIY Custom Name Bracelet Kits for an additional $6.99 + HST per child?
How many participants do you anticipate will attend the party? This is an estimate only. Your final participant numbers can be edited up until 10 days before your party date. Does not include supervising adult if they are not participating in the art activity.

Thank you for the information.

Rose will be in touch within 24 hours.

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